Loma Linda – West of Trail – New Construction Completed

We have reached the end of the build at Loma Linda and we all agree that the result was better than we could have hoped for. There were challenges along the way, however working with DSDG Architects has proven to be a rewarding experience.

Photos courtesy of DSDG


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4 thoughts on “Loma Linda – West of Trail – New Construction Completed

  1. Fantastic! Nothing quite like a custom modern with warm overtones and clean lines. I love the open-air design along with polished concrete. Ampersand and DSDG should be very proud of this award worthy project!

  2. Great project, enjoyed working with both the architect and the builder. Both companies are very professional organizatiosn and dedicated to the client.

    T.R. “Rocky” Smith – President
    Universal Window Solutions

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